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Too Fast to Live........ Too Young to Die [entries|friends|calendar]

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Driving [08 Jan 2005|06:58pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I got my temps this past Wednesday, and then it snowed for like two days straight so I was not allowed to drive. Finally today my dad to me out driving. I'm not actually that bad at it, I'm just so scared and nervous about it. we practiced just turning, u-turns, and y-turns. I have an acceleration problem when I am in reverse for some odd reason. Plus, when I turn I tend to break too much and move too slow. But hey I'll get better.... I hope.

So, yesterday i was watching Neil Cavuto on fox news and he asked "Ladies, if a guy holds a door open for you, do you like it, or feel patronized by it? The reason I ask is that I did just that for a woman, leaving a building Thursday night. She was not pleased.

"Do I look paralyzed to you?" she asked.

"Excuse me," I asked — now feeling every bit of my offended macho Italian roots — "but exactly what bug got up your butt?"

"Treating me like I have to be coddled," she said.

"By opening a door?" I asked.

She went onto explain the door thing was part and parcel of a bigger thing: An attempt by men, she said, to make women feel like they're lesser."

This is my opinion:
Hold the door for a woman shows respect. Ever hear of the saying, 'ladies first'. Its proper etiquette. This woman obviously doesn't believe in manors, respect, or being traditional. Holdoing the door, and stepping aside, says to me, I think you are important and should get the opportunity to go before me. This woman has been listening too much to some liberal college "professor" who doesn't believe in being kind or traditional. This subject really pisses me off because it is a prime example of how people are slowly becoming overly self evolved and uncaring.

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Finally Friday [07 Jan 2005|03:30pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Wow, I haven't updated in the longest time.Not that anyone cares, but classes are a lot more demanding
this year. At least it's Friday. I'm going to see White Noise this weekend, maybe, with Meg. I'm prepared to not sleep for an entire week. We're doing dance in gym class and it's okay I guess. Some people are so "dainty" when doing the pattycake polka (yes, it is as stupid as it sounds), so they either don't want to touch you because it's you or they just don't touch anyone. And it's only 3 seconds of holding hands. Then there are those guys who when doing the swing, who act like a human catipult, basically throwing you. I think I am finally getting how to do all the squared dances we were taught to do but they are still quite confusing and I can barely understand what the guy "singing" is even saying. To make matters worse, I am taller that all the guys I've ever been partners with so I can never do the twirl because I am too tall. Lovely for me, huh? Country square dancing is easier to watch than to actually do. When am I really going to need to know how to square dance? or pattycake polka? I think next week we are also going to do some line dancing, which is something I severely hope we do. "Mixers" are not really something I am into (aka the pattycake polka)... ah, well, only one and a half more weeks and gym class is over for me untill next year. Next year is my last year of gym class forever, because there is no chance that I am going to take gym my senior year. It's a horrible, I'm fat and I don't care attitude but I don't care because guys aren't into me anyways... maybe it's because i'm fat... oh well. It's all one big circle anyways. Moving on, I've been thinking about college and I'll probably go to white water or eau clare, and after those first four years I will go to law school at madison because it will be cheaper than marquette. Madison and marquette are the only law schools in wisconsin so yea. well, someones home.... later

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[26 Aug 2004|11:13am]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

As of three days ago, I am no longer drinking any soda. From now on it's just water and some milk. I don't know how long I'm going to hold out on not drinking soda, but I just want to lose a few pounds. My goal of losing 10 pounds by the time school starts didn't happen. Then again, sitting around all day makes me hungry so I eat... so, hopefully I didn't gain any weight. Whatever, all my pants and other clothes still fit, so I don't think I did. Whatever. A week from today school starts. I'm started to get stressed already, and nervous, and I get this slightly sick feeling in my stomach everytime I think of school. But I am excited about the homecoming dance. It's on October 1st or 2nd, whichever one is the Saterday. I really like the Spirit Week that leads up to it. It was so much fun last year. I look forward to the football games too. They are so much fun. Pixie sticks and soda. Good memories from last year. I'm a sophmore this year. I'm kinda excited. But it just makes me think that soon I'll be moving away from my parents. I've never been away from them for longer than 5 days before. How am I supposed to handle 3 monthes? I know my dad won't want me back to stay for the summers, but I know my mom will want me to, and I definately know I'll want to. But, my sister will be in college when I'm in my senior year, which is kinda getting close, so she'll go through it before I will. I just don't want to have to do my own laundry and stuff. Plus, I have to pay my way through college, so I'll have to get a job soon. Problem is, I usually spend money as soon as I get it, so It's going to take a lot of work to save all of the money I need to get through college and law school. It's not cheap. But what scares me the most is that I'll be getting old, which means my parents are getting old, and everyone knows what happens when people get old. But I don't want to dwell on all of that...

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[24 Aug 2004|12:11pm]
School starts next week Thursday. The summer went by way too fast. Registration is on next week Tuesday. I'm going with all my friends, which reminds me... I have to call Lucina and Sam, and probably Meg and Dani too. I don't know what I'm going to wear for pictures, or what I'm going to wear on the first day of school.I'll have my friends help me if I don't know what to wear by next Monday. Also, on next Monday I have a dermatologist appointment. Next week officially sucks. I have to clean my room this week so I can have all my friends over before school. Plus, I still need to buy jeans for school, so sometime my mom is taking me to the mall so I can get some jeans at American Eagle, because for some reason they are the only ones who have jeans that actually fit me. We also have 15 % off everything from there and there is a sale on jeans for $5 off every pair. I really want to see the movies "Wicker Park" and "Paparazzi." I don't know how I'm going to be able to get up so early for school. It's going to be really hard because I can barely get up at 9:00 now, how am I going to get up at 5:45 or 6:00? Oh well...
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[21 Aug 2004|06:57pm]

Me at my 15th birthday party with my family. I don't know why I'm putting it on here but I'm bored.
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[10 Aug 2004|10:52pm]
[ mood | enraged ]

I think, the students of Mukwonago High School should have a say in how the student government spends our money, or even how the school spends it's money. The student government this past year decided to build on an atrium to the back of the school. There is no purpose to this atrium, and no one even knows what it's for. I've talked to a lot of people who think it's totally stupid and completely useless. Then our school buys brand new soda machines. We don't need new ones, just get the old ones fixed. Plus, some of the teachers are getting brand new computers when their old ones work perfectly fine, even if they aren't totally up to date, they still work the same way. Even after they spend all this money, they complain that our school has no money, so they can't fund certain things. They even tried to take music out of school so they could save on money. They also don't send things home in the mail any more, they make you take receipts and things so they can save 34 cents on postage. So they spend all their money on new, useless things, just so they can complain about not having any money. We never take school trips anywhere unless we pay for basically the whole thing ourselves. But what really angers me, is that they raised lunch prices 75 cents. So instead of $1.90 per day, it's now $2.65. It's total crap. I know a lot of students want cameras in the parking lot but this is just rediculous. Besides, even if they did see someone breaking into cars or keying cars, they wouldn't really do anything about it. Cameras won't prevent people from vanalizing the cars of others. Plus, cameras aren't going to fix any of the damage done, the school won't pay for damage. They make you pay 90 dollars a semester to park there but they won't reimburse you for damages. The money we pay for parking only goes to crap we don't need. Why don't they take some of the parking money and put it towards lunches so we can still pay $1.90? No, they take that money and give it to the teachers because they complain that they don't make enough money. If they want more money, then don't ask for new computers okay. Don't ask for new things, and you just make get a raise in the next few years. If you have a problem with your car being broken into, ride the bus. If your in swimming, take the car pool. If you have a problem with that, walk, deal with it. God, people don't even realize that money doesn't grow on trees and if we want special things, we are going to have to pay. No, I don't want any goverment funding, because it won't help. Besides, I don't want new soda machines, new computers, cameras in the parking lot, or an atrium. It's all just a waste of our parents money. And I, for one, am sick of it.

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Men Don't Change [03 Aug 2004|11:18pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Men Don't Change
He was a bad boy 
And I was a good girl
He needed me to smooth out the edges 
Well he'd get his drink on and flirt with the ladies 
And after two years of his crap I quit beggin
Im a magnet for the fixer-uper man 
if i know it's fire why do i let it burn my hand?

Cupid works for the devil be suspicious if he cries 
You know sex is usually good, yeah but it ain't always right 
Chocolate is a bandaid no matter what they say  
Shoes don't stretch, and men don't change

My friend Lisa, she loves a liar 
She found out about his other girlfriends 
He makes excuses, so she forgives him 
And she swears she's gonna leave if he screws up again 
But he's good lookin' thats why she don't see
He's gott her exactly where he wants her to be

Cupid wors for the devil be suspicious if he cries 
You know sex is usually good, yeah but it ain't always right 
Chocolate is a bandaid no matter what they say  
Shoes don't stretch, and men don't change

Cupid works for the devil be suspicious if he cries 
You know sex is usually good, yeah but it ain't always right 
Chocolate is a bandaid no matter what they say  
Shoes don't stretch, and men don't change

Sex is usually good 

Shoes don't stretch, 

men dont change!

~Amy Dalley~
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[18 Jul 2004|11:23pm]
Female impowerment it always important. What other way to impower better than music. There seams to be a lacking in good female singers or song writers who are actually even okay. Hear are a few songs and some female singers I like. As if you care anyways.

Good songs by women:
Big Dream by Samantha Mathis
Blame It On Your Heart by Patty Loveless
Blue by LeAnn Rimes
I Can't Understand by Trisha Yearwood
I Will Always Love Your by Dolly Parton
Torn by Natalie Imbruglia
Happy Ending by Avril Lavigne
8 x 10 by Fefe Dobson
Stupid Little Love Song by Fefe
Overdrive by Katy Rose
I Like by Katy Rose
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[12 Jul 2004|05:46pm]
Please join mine and pink_beauty_15 's community:

the first ten applicants are automatically accepted
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[10 Jul 2004|07:48pm]

James Dean was a bisexual!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I'm happy, I got a cell phone for my birthday. Yay!

Rock 'n Roll died in an airplane.

Life died in a porsche.

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[07 Jul 2004|10:43pm]
I got my hair cut and dyed today. It is a lot redder than I wanted it to be. The cut is pretty cool. Its very different. My dad's sister is a profesional hair colourer... so they might take me to her to get rid of the colour and re-do it to a better colour. We're not sure yet. In some lights, its way too red for me.
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[04 Jul 2004|07:27am]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Happy Birthday to Me,

Happy Birthday to Me,

Happy Birthday to MEe,

Happy Birthday to Me!




I have been 15 since 5:10 this morning. YAY!

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[30 Jun 2004|07:12pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

Today I exchanged my change for dollars, and it came out to 34 dollars. Yay, now I have money!!!! (But still read the post before this too.)

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[29 Jun 2004|10:12pm]
[ mood | touched ]

The world and it's people have this hidden beauty. A beauty that if you are not paying attention or if you look away for just one second, you will miss it. Love is different. Love is like when you hold your arms out and spin and spin and spin around real fast. But, if you don't keep your eyes on something still, something real, you aren't going to realize those people around you who love you. And... you won't notice when you are about to fall. Sometimes life is kind of like that. We learn that the moon is always jealous of the heat of the day, just as the sun always longs for something dark and deep.

(I know some of it is totally stolen from Practical Magic, both book and movie... but who the fuck cares)

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[26 Jun 2004|07:40pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Guess what. My birthday is exactly one week from tomorrow (Sunday). Yea! Last night I went to Kettle Moraine Days with Meg and Dani. I had so much fun. There were only a few rides but they were still pretty damn great when you are with your friends. Then the dancing and singing when we were outside the beer tent listening to the band, OldMil. They were really good. My singing wasn't 'cause I am probably tone deaf. I hope I will get to see "The Notebook" next week end with Meg. Yeah, I will probably cry my eyes out, but that's what theses movies are for, eh?

I'm working on some word and picture murals on the walls in my room. They are all from magazine pictures and junk. Both are great but they have a long way to go before they are finished. I finished the book 'Keeping the Moon.' It was quite good. It is now my favourite book. I made a few yarn bracelets today, because I had nothing better to do with my life. I made one red one, a blue one, and then another one with light green, light blue, and light pink. The summer has been mainly uneventful. I watched "Four Weddings and a Funeral," "Casablanca," and "A Room With a View." I really loved "A Room With a View," and I cried when Gareth died and the eulogy was delivered in "Four Weddings..." I am still so excited about going to Las Vegas in like, three weeks. My friends and I have to get together more often this summer. That is the one thing that sucks about the end of the school year, you rarely see your friends. I have to go to church tomorrow, which I don't want to do, because we have to meet with our youthgroup for a half hour after church. I do not want to go because I do not want to sit throught the boring sermon and the rest of the whole hour progression. It wouldn't be so bad if it were actually interesting or if I could actually relate to whatever the paster is talking about. Didja hear? Mary-Kate Olsen was put into a institute for her anorexia. Okay, what the hell would drive someone to starve themselve. I'm sorry but I love food way too freaking much. Well, I just hope little girls don't become anorexic because she is their role model. Oh well, I have zero power to change the world, but I won't give up, even though no one really listens to me.

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[14 Jun 2004|02:38pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

more really stupid quiz thingys.....

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and now i have to go do my drivers ed. homework... oh the joys of holiday, right...
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[13 Jun 2004|10:18pm]

You Are a Classic Beauty!

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[13 Jun 2004|10:01pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Finally, summer holiday is here. I'm so happy, except for the fact that I start summer school for drivers ed. tomorrow. For my birthday my mom is getting my hair cut and dyed at a really expensive place. I'm getting it dyed that auburn brunette colour that marykate olsen has. I'm going to Las Vegas on holiday with my parents the last week in July. I'm excited 'cause I love Las Vegas. There is a new ride on the top of the Statoshpere that I really want to go on, even though I'm really kind of scared of it. It's like a teter totter 27 feet off the side of this building, which is 1149 feet tall. The building sways in the wind, now I'm gonna slid off 27 feet and then drop slightly... yeah, I'm a little freaked out. Even so, I'm excited. I really want to see the Mac King Comedy Magic show, because it was awesome last time so it'll probably be even better this time. By the way, we are staying at the Orleans, which is cool cause there is an ice cream place, an awesome buffet, and this really good hamburger place which is delicious.

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[05 Jun 2004|07:27pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

I had my birthday party yesterday... lucina, dani, and meg came. Dani gave me the dvd of win a date with tad hamilton. Lucina gave me a $15 gift certificate to wet seal and a body wash set. Meg gave me a set of tarot cards and a book that came with them. We saw Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban. It was awesome. I really liked it... plus, all the actors are even hotter now and they have gotten better at acting. It was a lot more different than the books, more so than the other movies were but it was still good. I'm going to see it again by myself on either Thursday or Friday because our last day of school is on Thursday which ends at about 10:30, after my Biology and Geometry exams.

Did you know that recently Al Gore was put in jail for being in a white house tree with a magnaphone or what ever it's called? He was yelling that like 200 people on the white house staff should resign. The neighbors called the police and complained about the noise so they put him in jail.

Ronald Reagan died today. My mom was crying, and my dad was complaining about how the liberals make him look. He said Reagan was a damn good president. I really don't know cause I was born the year his term in office ended. But I understand how the Republican party really looked up to him. He was an American icon, and that I can understand and agree with.

Love, you'll get over in 2 monthes. Big love, you'll get over in 2 years. Great love... changes your life. If you don't do anything about it, your basically slapping life in the face.

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[29 May 2004|08:33pm]
Holy God, Toby Keith is a registered Democrat. I'm disappointed, but democrats don't even like him. At least he agrees with Bush about the war. By the way, Bill Cosby rocks. He said really important things about blacks, and he's totally right. Give him all the crap you want, it doesn't mean he's any less right.
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